Indicators of the Kansas Economy

Fig1_KEPCKansas continues to lag the region in most measures of economic growth, according to reports by the Governor’s Council of Economic Advisors. These reports were released in conjunction with the Kansas Center for Economic Growth.. You can view the press release here and other materials here.

Below, you will find links to the Indicators of the Kansas Economy Reports from May, August, and November of 2014.

These reports were previously not public, but were obtained by KEPC through a legislative request.

The reports are significant because they follow a system of measurements (or benchmarks) announced about three years ago to monitor key economic indicators in Kansas.

They show that Kansas trails the region in:Fig2_KEPC

  • Population growth
  • Overall production of goods and services, or gross state product
  • Private industry employment growth
  • Private industry wage growth

Governor Sam Brownback said the benchmarks would allow the state “to monitor in a timely manner if our policies and initiatives are having the desired economic effect.”