PRESS RELEASE: Kansas continues to lag the region in 10 separate measures

Governor’s Council of Economic Advisors report shows Kansas trailing in many economic growth categories.

Topeka, Kan. – The November, 2015 report, “Indicators of the Kansas Economy: A Review of Economic Trends and the Kansas Economy,” shows Kansas lagging in growth behind other states in the region in the following categories:

  • Population
  • Gross domestic product
  • Personal income
  • Total nonfarm employment
  • Private sector employment
  • Manufacturing employment
  • Service employment
  • Private industry wage level
  • Private establishment (business)
  • Building permits

Although total personal income growth lagged the region, per capita personal income growth outpaced the region on a percentage basis with a 1.5% increase compared to 1.2% for the region.

The report is the result of a system of measurements put together over four years ago to monitor key economic indicators in the state. At the time, Governor Brownback was quoted as saying, “These economic metrics will allow us to determine the state’s relative economic position as it relates to the six-state region and the nation, and to monitor in a timely manner if our policies and initiatives are having the desired economic effect.”


One of many illustrations which indicate that Kansas is trailing other states on important economic indicators.

Kansas Economic Progress Council Executive Director Bernie Koch said, “This is the third time since 2014 we have called attention to this report, which uses benchmarks established specifically to measure the success or failure of the state’s economic policies.

“We believe the report shows what a growing number of the public and policy-makers have concluded: the facts do not corroborate that the 2012 and 2013 income tax cuts have had any significant or measurable positive influence on the Kansas economy. While per capita personal income is now above the region, that’s only one of many factors and is inconclusive,” said Koch.

Although the Governor’s Council of Economic Advisors Report states that it “continues the initiative as a service to its members and the public at large,” the reports have not been readily available online since March of 2014. Therefore, as a public service, the Kansas Economic Progress Council is making the report available online exclusively via our website.

A printable version of this press release is available here.

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