PRESS RELEASE: Statewide survey says ‘Don’t repeal sales tax’

Wichita, Kan. – Despite the results of the recent general election, Kansans still strongly support the one cent sales tax increase enacted by the Kansas Legislature and don’t want it repealed, according to Bernie Koch, Executive Director of the Kansas Economic Progress Council.

“A Wichita television station’s independent statewide survey shows most Kansans oppose repeal if it will lead to more cuts in education, social services and public safety,” said Koch.

“Even those who initially supported repeal changed their mind when asked about the cuts scenario.” Koch added, “When voters realize the consequences of those cuts – reductions in the services they depend on and support – they are significantly less supportive of repeal.”

He added, “The poll shows that the election results for the legislature were not a referendum on the sales tax.”

Conducted by the national polling firm Survey USA for television station KWCH, 500 Kansans were asked, “Would you support or oppose repealing the one cent sales tax that went into effect in July?”

38% said support, 47% said oppose, while 14% were not sure.

However, the 38% who supported repeal were then asked, “If repealing the sales tax meant further cuts to education, social services and public safety, would you still want to see it repealed?”

The opposition then melted away, with 67% saying no, 29% yes, and 4% being undecided.

Remember, these were the people surveyed who originally said they would support repeal, but over 2/3rds of the 38% changed their answer to opposing repeal when it was tied to further cuts.

Survey USA’s polls were the most widely quoted statewide in the recent primary and general elections and are known for their general accuracy.

On July 1, the Kansas sales tax increased by one cent to 6.3 percent. In 2013, the sales tax will drop to 5.7 percent, with 0.4 percent going to the state highway fund.

The survey results were released by the television station on its newscasts Wednesday. CLICK HERE to read the full story.

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